Top Ten MS Events …(So Far)

Top Ten Events…Thus Far
1868: MS described by Jean-Martin Charcot.
1878: Myelin discovered by Louis Ranvier.
1916: Detailed microscopic description made by James Dawson revealed the basic damage done in MS.
1935: An animal form of NIS (EAE) developed by Thomas Rivers, ultimately suggesting an autoimmune basis for the disease.
1946: National Multiple Sclerosis Society founded by Sylvia Lawry.
1948: Under an early NMSS grant, oligoclonal bands discovered in the spinal fluid by Elvin Kabat and others, provided a diagnostic test suggestive of MS and linking MS to immune system problems.
1965: Definite criteria for MS diagnosis developed by NMSS expert committee.
1969-1970: ACTH used to treat MS exacerbations. This was the first controlled trial of a successful treatment for MS: it used newly standardized diagnostic criteria and rating scales to evaluate the efficacy of treatment.
1981: MRI first used to examine a person with MS. MRI revolutionized diagnosis and provided evidence that MS is a constantly active disease even when symptoms abate.
1993: Beta-interferon 1b (Betaseron) approved as the first drug to alter the course of MS.
Note: Notice that the date at which MS was first described correlates directly with the start of the industrial age in which chemicals became more widely used in industry and agriculture in the United States.